Brynna Owens

Brynna Owens

Brynna Owens is a mild-mannered freelancer by day, but by night, she's working on joining the Justice League. Cutting her teeth on fanfic before she knew there was such a thing (Frodo/Sam based on the books, anyone??), she's been writing since she learned that you put words together and form sentences. Her calling as a Professional Fangirl started with the X-Files, where she honed her writing and editing skills via fanfic that she finally had a name for, and discovered the amazing world of online fandom via IRC and AOL chats. And now, having written that, she feels old! She currently resides just outside Seattle, is owned by a cat named Gandalf, aspires to save the world, and owns over 100 tubes of lipstick.

There’s Ice Cream for Everyone: Creating a Safe Space for Female Readers


“I don’t have an inspirational story, but I do have a terrible story that actually happened to me. When I was in college, I went into my local comic store to pick up my pulls, and there was a guy behind the counter… He was an aspiring artist, and he didn’t see me come in. I get my comics, I go up to the counter, and I see that he’s drawing me, as a superhero, in a very scanty costume,
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