Daily Dragon FAQ

Here are answers to some of the the most common questions we receive:

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When will the schedule grid/Pocket Program be out?

Short answer: We don't know.

Long answer: The programming and publication folks continue to make updates and changes down to the wire to get you the most accurate information before going to press. That means that the official schedule—and therefore the Pocket Program and schedule grid—is typically not available until a week or two before the convention itself. But you can be assured that the moment it's available, we'll post and announce it everywhere. To make sure you get our updates as soon as we post them, be sure to follow @Daily_Dragon on Twitter.

Helpful hint: If you're about to pop and need a scheduling fix now, Garand70 does a great job assembling a tentative schedule for the Dragon Con Wiki from the ones posted on the individual track websites.

[*Obligatory disclaimer: The Dragon Con Wiki is not an official publication of Dragon Con. The convention makes no assurances, guarantees, or promises as to the accuracy, reliability, or validity of the information contained within it.]


When will the mobile app be out? When Will X Feature be Available? How do I...?

Check out our mobile app posts to see if we've already addressed your issue.

If you're waiting waiting waiting fit to pop for a feature or other app update:

  1. Breathe, and
  2. Sorry, the Dragon Con mobile app is developed by a third party and the Daily Dragon is not privy to their development timeline. We'll announce updates and news about the app as soon as we have it!

If you have a bug report, email the app devs with a detailed description of your problem.


How do I find out what programming changed?

In addition to all programming changes being updated automatically in the mobile app:

  • The Daily Dragon publishes a print issue every day of the convention with programming changes. Look for these at the Information Booths and Registration areas of the convention.
  • A PDF of each print issue will be published in the mobile app under "Daily Dragon" from the Dashboard and can also be downloaded from the Daily Dragon website.
  • We tweet changes in real-time to our Twitter account: @Daily_Dragon
  • We publish and update a complete list of changes during the convention on the Daily Dragon website.
  • We partner with DCTV to announce schedule changes on the Late Show, which broadcasts every morning from 9 to 9:30AM in all of the host hotels. The list of DCTV channels is on the Daily Dragon website and can also be found under "Show Documents" in the app once we have them finalized from the hotels.
  • And each episode of the Late Show is also posted on YouTube for anyone who missed the initial broadcast.

You're welcome.


Can you get X guest? Is Y guest coming? Did Z guest cancel?

We're not privy to convention-guest negotiations, so if we haven't announced it and the guest isn't on the guest list on the Dragon Con main site, we don't know/can't say/have no secrets to share.

But we will announce any guest additions, cancellations, or updates as soon as we hear anything. Swear! To make sure you get our updates as soon as we post them, be sure to follow @Daily_Dragon on Twitter.


I haven't received my preregistration postcard yet. Should I have? What's my postcard status?

Preregistration postcards are being mailed out daily. If you haven't received yours yet and think you should have, email Chip at the Dragon Con office.


When will registration be open and where is it?

Click here.


Can I pick up the badge for my spouse/offspring/friend/etc. in registration?

To be able to pick up someone else's Dragon Con membership badge, you need a
copy of their government issued photo ID, their bar-coded confirmation postcard, and a signed permission slip from that person which reads something to the effect of: "I, Sally Fangirl, give my permission to John Fanboy to pick up my badge."


I lost/found something at Dragon Con, how can I get it back/what do I do with it?

If you've lost or found something at the convention, stop by Dragon Con Security in L405–406 (Marriott). If you've lost a badge and can't get to Security because of badge checks, visit Registration in the Sheraton. Also be sure to check out these helpful Lost & Found Hints and Tips from Dragon Con Security.


Will you announce my party or event?

Sure! So long as your party or event:

  • Is free/not for profit (you can't charge for admission).
  • Is hosted by Dragon Con members for Dragon Con members.
  • Is held at a Dragon Con venue (i.e., in a host hotel or other sanctioned Dragon Con location).
  • Occurs during Dragon Con (or in the lead-up to it).

All good? Use the online Party/Event Announcement Request form. We may email you with questions for clarification. Publication is at the sole discretion of the Daily Dragon.


How do I get my shout-out published in the Daily Dragon?

If you want to wish someone a happy birthday, have lost or found something or someone, want to say “Happy Dragon Con,” or have some other shout-out you’d like to appear in the Daily Dragon, use this form to let us know.


I have a specific question about a panel or event, a contest, the Parade, fan tables, the Art Show, etc.

Email the appropriate area using the Contact Us form on the main Dragon Con website. Select the area you want to contact in the "Department" dropdown (for fan tables, select "Information Services").


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