Freedom of Speech on the Internet

Can you criticize a large corporation on a personal website? Lawyer and Electronic Frontiers Forum (EFF) panelist J. Scott McClain thinks so, and spearheaded the EFF track Thursday afternoon with the current “sexy” web topic entitled “Freedom of Speech on the Internet”. What would no doubt prove to be Dragon*Con’s highest concentration of computer programmers and enthusiasts (outside of the… Read more →

The Art Show Experience

Thursday, opening day of Dragon Con, expectations and the hopes of fun and frolic run high. As everyone paced the streets to hunt for registration, the art halls were hidden in the merchandise mart, bypassed and ignored, and the artist’s room eagerly waited for the fantasy audience. During the day, no one but the artists’ and stalwart fans wandered the… Read more →

Jar Jar’s Mom Speaks

Lucasfilm creature designer Terryl Whitlach spoke Thursday on characters created for the new Star Wars film, The Phantom Menace. Ms. Whitlach has worked extensively in the film industry, video games, and has illustrated several book jackets. Whitlach is responsible for the birth of virtually all the new characters you see in Episode One, including Jar Jar Binks and the Gungan,… Read more →

Film Legend Visits Dragon*Con

The audience in The Hyatt’s Fairlie room listened on in awestruck silence as film legends Ray Harryhausen, Julius Schwartz and David A. Kyle talked about their love for film and their careers. Photos of the panelists, along with those of fellow legends like Ray Bradbury, adorned the walls. Harryhausen’s voice boomed across the small room as he answered Kyle’s questions…. Read more →

Ambassador Molari Speaks Out

What do wild hair, run away eyebrows, and Switzerland have in common? Answer: Londo Mollari. Londo, the ambassador for the Centauri Republic on Babylon 5, played by Peter Jurasik has had some interesting moments, both on and off the set. From “hair raising” stories of make up sessions to fond memories of his co-stars on the sci-fi series Babylon 5,… Read more →

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