“Stranger Things—Binge-a-thon” See what all the chatter is about. Thu 9PM, Hanover C–E (Hy).

Ian Harris will be on “Skeptrack Kick Off 2016” Fri 10AM, 204–207 (Hil).

E.J. Stevens will be on ”Murder, Mystery, and Monsters” Fri 11:30AM, Peachtree 1–2 (W).

Janina Gavankar will be on Sat 4PM, Peachtree Ballroom (W); Sun 10AM, Peachtree Ballroom (W).

Scott Vigue will be on “The Science of The Fly and Aliens” Fri 11:30AM, M103–105 (M); “Multiverse Media: Sliding Back to the Future and other Excellent Adventures” Fri 5:30PM, 204J (AM2).

“Warmachine Mark III” One of the top selling miniatures games of all times is now in its third edition! Talk to our staff, judges, and experts on what those changes mean for you and the future of Warmachine. Fri 1PM, Augusta 1–2 (W).

Brian Bradley will be on “Comedy Writing” Fri 2:30PM, Centennial I (Hy); “Comedy in Podcasts” Sat 11:30AM, Crystal Ballroom (Hil);  “Booze And Phaser Podcast Live!” Sat 1PM, 202 (Hil).

Aaron Fever will be on “Snydecast-a-Con with Ken Plume & Dana Snyder” Fri 4PM, A601–A602 (M).

JackMonkey FX will be on “Complimentary Zombie Makeovers” Fri 4PM, Overlook (W).

James R. Tuck will be on “Protect and Defend: Non-humans Saving Humans” Fri 4PM, Peachtree Ballroom (W).

Kirk Thatcher will be on “Farscape: The Wonders We Saw” Fri 4PM, Imperial Ballroom (M); “Gonzo Quiz Show” Fri 10PM, Regency VI–VII (Hy).

Dean O’Gorman will be on “Cinema Guests of Middle-earth” Fri 5:30PM, Imperial Ballroom (M); “Middle-earth Cinema guests” Sat 11:30 AM, Imperial Ballroom (M); “Middle-earth Movie Guests” Mon 11:30 AM, Grand Ballroom East–West (Hil).

Drew Powell will be on “Gotham—In the Shadow of the City” Fri 5:30PM, Atrium Ballroom (M). 

Sharon Morgan will be on “AHC 101: Fundamentals of Alt History Costuming” Fri 7PM, 204I (AM2).

“SparkFun Workshop” Fri 8:30PM, Atlanta (S); Sat 1PM, Atlanta (S); Sat 7PM, Augusta (S).

“Reading: Chris Kennedy” Sat 1PM, Marietta (Hy).

“AquaTeen Hunger Force” Join our AquaTeen alumni for a fun visit to the AquaTeen world. Sat 2:30PM, A601–602 (M).

Sharon Ahern will be on “The Craft of Dystopia” Sat 2:30PM, Chastain F–H (W).

Amber Nash, Roger Cross, Gigi Edgley, Audrey Kearns, Anthony Lemke, Melissa O’Neil, and Eddie McClintock will be on “5 Truths and a Lie—Live!” Sat 7PM, Grand Salon East (Hil).

Anthony Taylor will be on “Zombies: Rot On” Sat 7PM, Chastain I (W).

Bill Corbett will be on “Gonzoroo: The Deep Hurting Summertime Special” Sat 8PM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

Steampunk Boba Fett: Mask of Vengeance Official Screening” The long anticipated sequel is here! Come see the short fan film and sit in for a Q&A with the creators. Remember, this is not the Steampunk and Star Wars film you are looking for… With Paige Gardner. Sat 10PM, 204I (AM2).

Nerf Herder Sun 1:30 AM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

Autograph Session with Chris Kennedy. Sun 10AM, International Hall South (M).

Dan Jolley and Madeleine Roux will be on “100 Years of Zombie Evolution in Pop Culture” Sun 10AM, Chastain F–H (W).

“An Hour with Nolan North” Sun 11:30AM, Augusta B–D (W).

“Reading: Clay and Susan Griffith” Sun 11:30AM, Vinings (Hy).

Audrey Kearns and Cara Santa Maria will be on “Awesome Women of Podcasting” Sun 11:30AM, 202 (Hil).

“A Decade of Escape Artists” Pseudopod co-editor Alex Hofelich and Pseudopod associate editor Dagny Paul and more talk about a decade of escape artists. Sun 1PM, 202 (Hil).

“State of Mobile Jailbreaking” We’ll take a look back at the times it got easier for users (bootrom exploits and browser-based jailbreaks), how it recently has been getting harder (tethered jailbreaks and KPP), what is changing with Apple, and what the future may bring for this alternative platform. Sun 2:30PM, 208–209 (Hil).

Kacey Ezell and Michael Z. Williamson will be on “First Contact Improv!” Sun 2:30PM, Regency VI–VII (Hy).

Molly Lewis will be on “Obsessed with Joseph Scrimshaw: Live!” Sun 2:30PM, Grand Salon West (Hil).

Autograph Session with John D. Ringo. Sun 2:30PM, International Hall South (M).

Charles McFall will be on “Embracing Social Changes & Keeping your Podcast up on Trends” Sun 4PM, 202 (Hil); “Crowdfunding: Making Money Online with Your Content” Mon 10AM, 202 (Hil).

“The CW Presents: Frequency (World Premiere)” Sun 4PM, International South (Hy).

“Master Your Muse! Afternoon Tolkien Discussion” Sun 4PM, L401–L403 (M).

“Embracing Social Changes & Keeping your Podcast up on Trends” From Skype to Snapchat, social platforms are key to exposing your show. Join this open discussion on trends to get the social in your show—and keep it! Sun 4PM, 202 (Hil).

Pamela Gay, Richard Garriott, and Tracy Hickman will be on “2016 Parsec Awards” Sun 5:30PM, Regency V (Hy).

Dana Snyder will be on “Dad’s Garage Live!” Sun 7PM, 202 (Hil).

Delilah S. Dawson will be on “Darkness & Light: Humor in UF” Sun 10PM, Chastain D–E (W).

Frank Ippolito will be on “Body Art Challenge” Sun 10PM, International South (Hy).

“Monday Morning String Jam” Members are encouraged to join Paul Mercer of The Ghosts Project with their violins, cellos, and other bowed instruments for a free-form musical interlude. Mon 1PM, Concourse (Hy).

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