2019 Daily Dragon Articles

Here’s an index of all the news, information, interviews, and articles we published for Dragon Con 2019! Panels/Events [catlist id=304 orderby=date order=desc numberposts=-1] Interviews [catlist id=302 orderby=date order=desc numberposts=-1] Contests/Awards [catlist id=305 orderby=date order=desc numberposts=-1] News/Information [catlist id=303 orderby=date order=desc numberposts=-1]

2019 Hallway Costume Contest Winners

2019 Hallway Costume Contest Winners

Best Nostalgia: Laura St. Peter, Bob Ross/Marriott Carpet Best Element: Katrina Ford, Water and Earth Elementals Best Doctor Who: Cassandra Munro, Novice Hame Best Young Group: Kathryn Morris, Bast Egyptian Goddesses Best Monty Python: Steve Fowler, THE Black Knight Best Marvel: Andrea Peterson, Iron Man Best Heroine: Kelly Moore, River Song (Doctor Who) Best Reanimation: Shelby Fernatt, Sally (The Nightmare… Read more →

Comedy IS Harder

SF Lit hosted a batch of writers notable for writing comedy, early enough on Monday morning that I hadn’t finished my coffee. Kathleen O’Shea David, John G. Hartness, Erin Michelle Sky, and Dave Schroeder debated how and when to get readers laughing. Toni Weisskopf moderated. David and Hartness exchanged comments on live performances, their physicality, and the need to inject… Read more →

Black Lightning Strikes Dragon Con Again

The cast of Black Lightning once again proved to be a class act as they visited with Dragon Con attendees in the Hilton Grand Salon on Sunday morning in anticipation of Season 3, which drops in October. The titular superhero himself, Cress Williams, was joined by Nafessa Williams, James Remar, and Jordan Calloway and talked about everything from how it… Read more →

Under the Covers: The Art of Cover Art

Cover artists Don Maitz and Don Dos Santos joined publisher Toni Weisskopf of(Baen Book) Sunday evening to discuss the making of cover art and final covers for SF Lit. Both Dons knew early on that they wanted to do covers. After finishing art school, to break into the field, they hit the pavement and showed their portfolios to publishing house… Read more →

It’s A Thrill!: A Chat with Star Wars Authors

Bryan Young welcomed veteran Star Wars novel authors Kevin Anderson, Claudia Gray, E.K. Johnston, Michael Stackpole, and Timothy Zahn to a packed Hyatt International South Friday night to discuss their work, and the dynamics of writing in the Star Wars universe. The notion of a universe is key to understanding these authors and their approach to the work. They were… Read more →

A Peek Behind the Curtain

Have you always wondered what editors and publishers do once they’re interested in a manuscript? At the panel “Behind the Scenes” on Sunday night in Hyatt Embassy CD, Lucienne Diver, Claire M. Eddy, Bill Fawcett, Toni Weisskopf, and Trisha Wooldridge gave attendees a coveted glimpse. Fawcett, who also acted as moderator for the panel, asked the group to explain what… Read more →