Elizabeth Caruso

Asexual Presence in Media

Panelists in “The Asexuality in Media: The Good, the Bad, and the Invisible” discussed all things asexuality for a packed room of con goers on Friday at 11:30AM in Hyatt Hanover AB. Asexuality is defined as an absence or lack of sexual attraction. Approximately one percent of the American population identifies as asexual. The panel covered various topics related to… Read more →

Making Sense of a Fantastical World: Examining Zelda

A panel of experts convened Saturday at 2:30 PM in Hilton 209–211 to discuss scientific concepts from the fantasy world of The Legend of Zelda video game series. In “Hyrule Academy: Science in Tears of the Kingdom,” attendees learned about how phenomena from the game may be scientifically possible. Panelists Ryan A. Consell, Jess Eppstein, Emily A. Finke, and Topher… Read more →

Down With Fairy Tale Creatures!

Down With Fairy Tale Creatures!

A crowd of incensed con-goers rallied Friday night in the lobby of the Hyatt to protest a recent influx of “fairy tale creatures.” Inspired by the 2001 film Shrek, the group chanted anti-ogre mantras and called for the expulsion of fairy tale creatures from convention grounds.  The organizer of the event, Tessa Eftimiades, carried a latex ogre head at the… Read more →

And The Nerds Go Marching In

And The Nerds Go Marching In

An estimated 75,000 people funneled into the streets of downtown Atlanta Saturday morning to view the 23rd Annual Dragon Con Parade on Saturday morning. The mile-long parade wove through Peachtree and Linden Streets and included hundreds of performers, floats, vehicles, and cosplayers. Admission to the parade was free to all and without capacity limits. Many who were unable to attend… Read more →

Celebrating A Creative Legacy With Marty Krofft

Dragon Con attendees were surprised Friday afternoon, 4 PM in Hyatt Grand East, by a visit from the mayor of Living Island. H.R. Pufnstuf, of the eponymous 1969 TV series, greeted attendees of the “Krofft: Kings of Saturday Morning” panel. Panel hosts included Marty Krofft (founder of Sid and Marty Krofft Pictures), Rob Klein (creative VP of Krofft Pictures), and… Read more →

Remixing A Classic: Twisted Toonz

Voice actors Maurice LaMarche, Phil LaMarr, Khary Payton, and Billy West enchanted audiences Thursday night in the Hilton Salon with Twisted Toonz. In the event, the aforementioned performers read through scenes from The Wizard of Oz with a twist: each original character was provided with a voice inspired by a different character. Voices changed scene-by-scene at the instruction of panel… Read more →