Lauren Jacques

Scary Stories to Tell in the Decently Lit Fluorescent Lighting of a Hotel

Horror fans got a head start on Halloween at a telling of real-life paranormal experiences. Master storytellers recalled various times they had personal access to life beyond the living during the panel on Saturday at 8:30PM in Courtland Grand Athens. Alex Matsuo started the night with her telling of a near-death experience. After a car accident where she ended up… Read more →

Likes, Follows, and Newsletters—Oh, My!

Building a following on social media is no easy task and at times incredibly overwhelming for those new to business-side social media. News flash: building up your fans and followers using social media isn’t as easy as clicking “send” on a post you thought of five minutes before. Marketing yourself and your product on social media takes time, effort, consistency,… Read more →

Tips for Creating with a Neurodivergent Brain

Do you find yourself stuck in a constant battle with your brain while you try to do what you love (or what pays the bills)? Whether you’re a diagnosed neurodivergent or just feeling overwhelmed by life, a group of creative folks—Bethany Brookshire, Catieosaurus, HeyGude, Sue Kisenwether, and Alex Smith—who know what that feels like gathered on Friday evening at 7PM… Read more →