2023 Article List

Here’s an index of all the news, information, interviews, and articles we published for Dragon Con 2023! Panels/Events Interviews Awards News/Info

Hidden Treasures at Dragon Con

Hidden Treasures at Dragon Con

Swag N’ Seek is fast becoming one of the biggest and most enjoyable trends at Dragon Con. Started by Francesca in 2017, this warmhearted group is spreading joy by hiding little treasures in the main hotels for attendees to find. Each has a tag, too, so you know it’s yours to keep. It’s amazing how much fun it is to… Read more →

The Science of D&D Monsters

On Sunday at 2:30PM on the Fan Track Channel, the Science Track presented “Virtual: The Science of D&D Monsters,” led by paleontologist and professional Dungeon Master Trevor Valle. He asked panelists Lali DeRosier (science teacher), Torrey Stenmark (organic chemist and costumer), and Stephen Granade (physicist and director of the science track) to roll for initiative to identify the science behind… Read more →

All Hail the Computer Overlords?

The panel “AI & ChatGPT: The Impact on Content Creators” took place on Saturday at 2:30PM in the Hilton Galleria 7, but if you missed the packed-room discussion, you can still catch it on DCTV’s Twitch 2. It is a balanced exploration into the pros and cons of the use of AI in creative spaces, with the strongest arguments for… Read more →

Asexual Presence in Media

Panelists in “The Asexuality in Media: The Good, the Bad, and the Invisible” discussed all things asexuality for a packed room of con goers on Friday at 11:30AM in Hyatt Hanover AB. Asexuality is defined as an absence or lack of sexual attraction. Approximately one percent of the American population identifies as asexual. The panel covered various topics related to… Read more →

For the Love of Art: Annie Stegg-Gerard and Justin Gerard

It’s impossible to walk past the booth of artists Annie Stegg-Gerard and Justin Gerard without noticing their gorgeous oil paintings. And if you stop, enraptured by the compositions and subtle use of color, it’s even harder not to take a piece home to admire at your leisure. Each painting exudes beauty and joy. Annie and Justin collaborated for last year’s… Read more →

2023 Hallway Costume Contest Winners

Best Overall: Debra Robey, Rosie the Robot, The Jetsons Best Overall 2nd: Patric Good, Liberace, Liberace Best Overall 3rd: Jen Richards, Commander Shepard, Mass Effect Best Disney: Kim Crowson, Madame Dreamfinder and Figment, Disney Parks Best Couple: Kristie Nelson, Jay, Bowser, and Bowsette, Super Mario Bros. Best Movie: Becky Tripp, Disguised E.T., E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Best Fantasy: Ratchel Elder, Arietta… Read more →

Julie Bell: Nature, Textures, and Form

Julie Bell: Nature, Textures, and Form

Dragon Con welcomed (virtually) 2023 Artist Guest of Honor Julie Bell to the Hyatt Grand Hall C Sunday evening. Moderated by Amanda Makepeace (who got pulled away during the hour to receive an award in her own right) Bell reflected on her life as an artist, her passion for the human form, and the power of nature as inspiration and… Read more →