Geekapella Fri 11:30 AM, Concourse (Hy).

“Advanced Fabrication with Roy Wooley” Extra fee workshop. Fri 1:30PM, 313–314 (Hil).

“Flash/Arrow—Heroes R Us” Fri 2:30PM, Centennial II–III (Hy).

“Fast Times with Judge Reinhold” Fri 4PM, Centennial I (Hy).

“Con Man The Game” Fri 4PM, Atrium (M).

“ConMan Cast Autographs” Fri 5–6PM, International North (M).

Mandatory pre-judging for “Star Wars Costume Contest.” Must be in costume. Friday 6:30–8:15PM, Sat 3:30–5:15PM, A706 (M).

John Loftus will be on “Street Epistemology: Slaying Dragons and Spotting Cons” Fri 7PM, 204–207 (Hil).

“Cleopatra 2525 and Jack of All Trades: Action Hour Salute” Fri 7PM, M103–M105 (M).

30th Anniversary Charity Masked Ball Dress to the 9s, but don’t forget the mystery of the mask! You need one to get into the event. Don’t have one? Buy one at our Charity table. Featuring Kirby Krackle and The Ghosts Project. Fri 8PM, Centennial II–III (Hy).

“35 Years of Raiding the Lost Ark” Fri 8:30PM, M103–M105 (M).

“Con Man The Game Special Event” Fri 8:30PM, Peachtree Ballroom (W).

Autograph Session with Brian Henson and Karen Prell. Limited Labyrinth 30th Anniversary prints available on a first come, first served basis. Fri 8:30PM, A703 (M).

“The Quantified Vagina” A Bluetooth tampon. Teledildonics. “Female Viagra.” When tech and sex mix, the results can be awesome or awful. Find out what’s in all of those varieties of lube and how you clone a willy. Fri 10PM. Grand Salon East (Hil).

“Lightsabers Awakened: Delve into the Saber Tactics of a Galaxy Long Ago” Sat 11:30AM, International North (Hy).

“Aliens and the Heavens” Sat 11:30AM, Valdosta (S).

“Booze And Phaser Podcast Live!” A fun science fiction and comedy podcast where we drink Trek and talk booze… we mean, we booze Trek and drink phasers… um, ENERGIZE! Sat 1PM, 202 (Hil).

“Flash/Arrow—Life is like a game of chess, sometimes you’re the pawn, sometimes you’re the Queen” Sat 1PM, Centennial II–III (Hy).

“Fringe: From Cows to Tulips with LSD on the Side” Sat 4PM, Valdosta (S).

“Sci Fighters: ’80s Action Heroes vs. ’80s Wrestlers” Sat 5:30PM, M103-M105 (M).

“Killjoys—The RAC and Level 6” Sat 5:30PM, M301–M303 (M).

Autograph Session with Kirk Thatcher. Sat 5:30PM, A703 (M). 

“The 20 magical, most important minutes of Middle-earth cinema” A careful examination of the 20 minutes that made the LOTR trilogy work artistically and financially. Historical context, film clips, then group discussion. Sat 7PM, L401–L403 (M).

“In Sync with Joey & Chris” Sun 10AM, Centennial II–III (Hy).

Autograph Session with Pat Brymer and Thom Fountain. Sun 10AM, A703 (M).

“An Hour With Jason Isaacs” We loved to hate him as Lucius Malfoy, but he always finds new ways to terrify us. This legendary actor with a career spanning nearly two decades shares some of his favorite stories. Sun 11:30AM, Imperial Ballroom (M).

“The Greatest Players to Ever Play the Game” Sun 11:30AM, Augusta 1–2 (W).

Kacey Ezell and Michael Z. Williamson will be on “First Contact Improv!” Sun 2:30PM, Regency VI–VII (Hy).

“Flash/Arrow—Life in a Metaworld” Sun 4PM, Centennial II–III (Hy). 

“Wonder Woman: The 75th Anniversary” Sun 5:30PM, M103–M105 (M).

“Painting Miniatures 101” Sun 5:30PM, Augusta 1–2 (W).

Scintilla & Cruxshadows Mon 12AM, Centennial II–III (Hy).

Star Wars‘ Dysfunctional Skywalker Family” Mon 11:30AM, International North (Hy).

The Brobdignagian Bards Mon 11:30AM, Concourse (Hy).

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