Happy 18th Birthday Elijah! As you head off to college be proud of your accomplishments. I cant wait to see what you do next! May the Force always be with you.  Love, Granny Anomar

Vegetarian or Vegan @ Dragon Con? Join our Facebook group,, to get information of vegan or vegetarian food suggestions around Dragon Con.

Happy 10-year anniversary, Andrew. It’s been an amazing adventure so far, and I know the future will be even better. I love you more! —Dyani

To the girl with pink sandals from the Alternates writing seminar: it’s the guy in in the blue suit with Einstein hair. Sorry I didn’t get your name! Would love to talk about writing more. I’ll be at the 1PM seminar Sunday if you want to meet up again. Name’s Jonathan Halper, I’m on Facebook. :)

To my best friend Jonathan: Couldn’t have done “Press Your Luck” without you! Here’s to 10 more years. —Your friend, Bryan

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