W. Australian Fan Journeys to Dragon*Con

Kim Campbell of Perth, Australia, traveled halfway around the world to attend Dragon*Con. 24 hours of flight time took her through Auckland, New Zealand, Los Angeles, and Chicago before arriving in Atlanta. “I was told that Dragon*Con was the con to come to, ” Campbell explained, confirming Dragon*Con’s worldwide reputation. Asked what her favorite thing about the con was so… Read more →

Heinlein Society Blood Drive Adds Monday Hours

Not all the vampires collecting blood at Dragon*Con wear black and have alabaster skin and ruby-red lips. The Heinlein Society, assisted by LifeSouth of Atlanta, is sponsoring a blood drive at Dragon*Con located in the Yukon/McKenzie/Rio at the Marriott. Originally scheduled only for Sat 10am-4pm and Sun 10am-2pm, due to donor demand, the drive will continue on Monday from 10am… Read more →

The Dragon*Con Parade: Stormtroopers, Klingons, and The Tribe, Oh My

It was worth crawling out of the bed after only three hours of sleep to see the Dragon*Con parade Saturday morning. I guess the Macys Thanksgiving Parade childhood excitement never left me because there I was on the sidelines again, cheering on the participants. The gaggle of Padmes was definitely a crowd pleaser. Maybe it was the attention to detail,… Read more →

Thursday Night Concerts

Winding my way through stormtroopers and swashbucklers in the lobby of the Hyatt as the flag of Cobra waved overhead, it finally hit me: Dragon*Con had begun. And what better way to kick off Dragon*Con than jamming to the Thursday night concerts? To start Dragon*Con off right, you could either do five triple shots of espresso while chewing on a… Read more →

Q&A with James Marsters

“A New Man: James Marsters” was standing room only in the Centennial II/III Friday afternoon. Marsters (“Spike” on Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel) appeared relaxed in blue jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt. He was charming, unpretentious, and, oh my goodness, buff (with or without the “y”). We learned Marsters’ favorite color: green–“the color of mother earth”; lollipop flavor: Tootsie Roll red… Read more →

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