An Hour Well Spent with Sherrilyn Kenyon

Sherrilyn Kenyon spent an hour with her fans in the Westin Augusta room Sunday at 4PM. She was accompanied by Alethea Kontis. Kenyon spent a few minutes talking about upcoming projects. There is a movie and TV series coming out, as well as more Dark-Hunter and The Chronicle of Nick books. Of course, what would a Kenyon panel be without her wonderful Southern charm and wit? She definitely has a way of connecting with her fans while keeping them in stitches.

Kontis also talked about her upcoming projects. There will be more Woodcutter Sisters, as well as more of her self-published books. Both ladies talked briefly about them (hopefully soon) being able to work again on the Dark-Hunter series.

For most of the hour, Kenyon took questions from fans. Some asked about the upcoming movie based on the Dark-Hunter series. Kenyon admitted that her biggest fear was that fans would hate it. She has been actively working with the filming company to make sure the movie stays true to the characters and the books. The fans reacted with appreciation and anticipation to the release date. There has been nothing set, but Kenyon says that as soon as she knows she will definitely pass on the information on her website.

Listening to Kenyon talk about the various projects she is working on thrilled the audience. She explained that the characters talk to her really loud in her head. Having writer’s block has never really been an issue with her. It’s having one project “shut up long enough for her to finish the project” she is working on.

Charming and sweet, as always, Kenyon brought admiration from the fans. There are numerous reasons we love Sherrilyn Kenyon, and it’s not just her writing. It’s the wonderful person she is.

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