The Flash: We Have Really, Really Big Nerds Writing the Show

The Flash 9-4-15
Photo by Dave Nelson

“I really love you, but this question isn’t for you.” Wearing matching burgundy T-shirts, Robbie Amell and John Wesley Shipp ribbed each other whenever a fan’s question began this way at “The Flash: The Fastest Thing on Two Feet” on Friday at 1PM in the Marriott Atrium.

Amell and Shipp aren’t the only jokesters on the set of The Flash. Tom Cavanaugh gives rides on his super-fast wheelchair, and Grant Gustin and Jesse L. Martin are known to practice tap dances off-camera. Speaking of dancing, some of the cast have talked about doing a Flash musical that could feature a barbershop quartet number.

When they first heard about a Flash reboot, Shipp hoped he’d be offered the role of Barry Allen’s father. Shipp feels that because he played the Flash in the 1990s television series, he has a deep understanding of the relationship between Allen and his father, and he uses his experiences to inform his portrayal of Henry Allen. As for Amell, he jumped at the chance to be Firestorm. When asked if Amell took notes from his bow-and-arrow wielding cousin, Stephen Amell, he smirked and said, “He doesn’t have any superpowers. He doesn’t get it.” Burn.

The CW network and The Flash series are entrenched in the DC Comics universe. According to Amell and Shipp, the producers of the show are huge fans of the Flash comics and the writers “are really, really big nerds.”  While staying true to characters, the show’s creators listened to the fans on social media and used their feedback to refine the season finale.

A fan asked if, in an alternate universe, Shipp would put on his suit and—

“Don’t say it” Shipp interrupted.

—and become the Flash once again.

Shipp sighed. “You said it.”

To reprise the role, he would pry the suit out from behind the Plexiglas where it rested (and still rests) in pieces at the Hard Rock Café in Orlando. Apparently, the suit was hosed down in Lysol each night and returned, still dripping from sweat, to Shipp the next day.

This could become an alternate universe reality. After a successful first season, the fans may have more input than ever before. Amell stated, “Do you want to see more?” The audience roared their excitement at the prospect. “The response [to the first season] has been great. It’s all dictated by you.”

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