2016 Video Game Costume Contest Winners

Photo by Will Blackhill
Photo by Will Blackhill

Best In Show: Laura St. Peter, aka Querulous Artisan (Tidemistress Athissa from WoW)

1st Runner-up: Cindy Chen, aka Cindyrella Cosplay (Mercy’s devil skin from Overwatch)

2nd Runner-up: Rebecca Jackson, aka Kona Kyoto (Blood Elf Priest from WoW)

Best Group: Sonya and Robin Desilets (Scout Harding w/ Blackwall puppet and Sera w/ Solas puppet from Dragon Age Inquisition)

Best Prop: Julia Denniss, aka Crazy 8 Cosplay (Minuteman General from Fallout 4)

Best Craftsmanship: Catherine Herold, aka Magic Missiles Cosplay (Leliana from Dragon Age Inquisition)

Best Screen Accuracy: Katherine Koenig, aka Zombie Fishie (Diablo 3 monk)

Best Original/Inspired Design: Abigail Presti (Omega Flowey from Undertale)

Judges’ Choice:

Frank: Ian Mills (NCR Ranger, Fallout New Vegas)

David: Darwin Harn-Dailey (Megaman)

Amanda: Angela Swindell, aka Honeybunch Cosplay (Tyrande Whisperwind from WoW)

Sera: Daphnie Salvador, aka Artsy Kitty (Bayonetta)

Alison: Nicholas Sherwood, aka The Drifter (Hyper Light Drifter)

Emcee’s Choice and Honorable Mention: Amanda LuBrant (Morgana from League of Legends)

Crowd Favorite: The Levine Family: Michael (Poliwag), Bonnie (Team Valor Pokemon trainer), Eden (Jigglypuff), and Emet (Pikachu)

Photo by Will Blackhill
Photo by Will Blackhill
Photo by Will Blackhill
Photo by Will Blackhill

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