2016 Cosplay Contest Winners

Honorable Mentions

Gabriella Neves as Mother of Dragons

Lily Jonne, Luna Fiare, Lydia Heartwell, and Mark Fainsworth as Tiana, Mulan, Cinderella, and Prince Phillip

Christina Jones as the T.A.R.D.I.S.

Melody G., Bradley S., Ashley L., and Zack R. as The Institute

Lauren Byers as Erza Scarlet

Julie Marcinleo as Danielle De Barbarac

Jen Gilley as The Night Queen

Judge’s Awards

Erin’s award: Jessica Butler as Sango

Justin’s award: Clint House as Aquaman

Miri’s award: Ashley and Lucas Haapapuro


First place: Rebekah Ray as Cinderella

Second place: Heather Whitehouse and Stephanie McFarland as Hrist and Richelle

Third place: Madison Hite as Demon Hunter


First place: Hannah, Morgan, Sarah Ashley, and Mel Hertz as The Heroes of Thedas

Second place: Ryan Samples, Sydney Samples, and Owen Smith as Rock Biter, Moon Child, Bastian, and Falkor

Third place: Clint Jullens as Lord Duck Vader


First place: Denise Chulehina as Elsa

Second place: Remy Domino as Wonder Woman

Third place: Melissa Sowers as Jedi Moon

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