I’m Not a Junkie but I’m Considering Taking up the Habit

Photo courtesy of Scott Sigler
Photo courtesy of Scott Sigler

Scott Sigler, best-selling author of far too many books to mention, met with his “Junkies” in Hilton 202 on Friday night at 10PM. Due to the later hour, it was definitely not a kid-friendly environment. It was, however, a drink-friendly environment as evidenced by the large percentage of attendees that brought their own flasks, bottles, and drinks of various sorts as well as the beer that was delivered by partner-in-crime ARealGirl (AB Kovacs) on the way to her own panel.  Part of the panel was also given over to Sigler sharing a shot of Scotch with anyone who wanted one after a bottle was gifted to him during the panel. By the end of the panel, the bottle was empty.

The first half of the panel was given over to Sigler reading the first page from six stories he has coming out in the near future, at least three of which come out in November. A complete list of the anthologies and stories he has coming out can be found on his website at scottsigler.com/library.

The second half of the panel, by unanimous vote, was given to Sigler reading his short story for the exclusive anthology connected to Paul and Storm’s Kickstarter for their music-comedy album Ball Pit. If you didn’t back the Kickstarter, you can’t get this story. Unless you attended the panel. The story is called “Mr. Double M” and it is a story about a man and a cat.

For the last few minutes of the panel, Sigler took questions from the audience, assuring us that any questions we didn’t get answered now would be answered in the bar immediately after the panel.

If you don’t know Scott Sigler, I recommend getting to know him. He gives away all of his stories as free, serialized audiobooks, which you can find on iTunes. After getting several hits for free tonight, I think I might just be back for more.

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