The Butcher-McCaffrey Comedy Hour

The title says it all. The Marriott Imperial Ballroom, Friday 8:30PM, was the setting for the comedy team of Jim Butcher and Todd McCaffrey. The standing-room-only event was worth the wait. Charlotte Moore, director for the Fantasy Literature Track, was the moderator for this event.

According to Butcher and McCaffrey, the panel stemmed from one they did last year that started out as a discussion about their works and then transcended to the depths of wild tales of writerly shenanigans. In honor of these tales, this year’s panel gave them full reign to release their humor upon the attendees. Their stories kept everyone in stitches.

One of the more funny yarns was about them LARPing together in California. McCaffrey was the captain of the starship. Butcher, known for doing a plethora of accents, was the first officer. He decided for the game to do a Natasha/Boris-style Russian accent. Of course, he had to demonstrate this accent while telling of the adventure.  It was spot on and so funny. Imagine:

McCaffrey giving orders as a captain, “Has the enemy responded to our hails?”

Jim Butcher (in his Russian accent), “I have hailed them with missiles, torpedoes, and cannon fire, but no response, Captain.”

Everyone could picture the hilarity that ensued. The time quickly passed, leaving the attendees wanting more.

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