The Power of Line & Symbol: The Art of Sigil Magick

SigilMagick“What is magic?” This is how artist Laura Tempest Zakroff began her one hour seminar, “The Power of Line & Symbol: The Art of Sigil Magick,” Friday afternoon in the Hyatt Grand Hall C. Her one-hour class focused on using sigils, line drawings used in magic ceremonies and rituals. “Magic is the focus of will and intent to have an effect on your environment.”

Showing images of complex sigils—like those found in ceremonial magic, followed by more simplistic symbols used in ritualistic, everyday magic—Ms. Zakroff explained that one does not need to be an artist to use sigils for everyday use. She went on to say that due to religious persecution, some people even draw their sigils in the dirt, perform their ritual, then erase the sigils. Others create a stable of sigils that are generic enough that people may not even be aware of the intent of the markings. Lines, dots, circles, crosses, arrows, squiggles, spirals, eggs, stars… the list is endless as to what markings can be made and what they stand for.

Further, Ms. Zakroff explained that the medium, color, or specific markings do not matter to anyone other than the person drawing them. In addition to the pattern of the markings, color and number of repetition of the marks can also carry meaning to the artist. To Ms. Zakroff, the symbols are meaningful only to the person making them. Therefore, following one particular set of symbols is not necessary. Like language, if you know Enochian and wish to use that, fine, but it is more likely you know English or Spanish, which will work as well or better since it is more natural. The same is true for symbols. What one uses needs to work for them. And finally, it is much better to draw your symbols by hand as the  thought, along with the physical process of drawing, brings additional levels of energy and intent to the work. Ms Zakroff emphasized that it all comes down to that intent. One must answer the following questions: First, what do you wish to accomplish? Next, how do you wish to accomplish it?

Ms. Zakroff then shared pictures of paintings she created in her series, all with the final touch of a sigil she had designed. In addition to paintings, Ms. Zakroff has also designed personalized tattoos based on what is happening in a client’s life and what they hope to accomplish.

The seminar finished with the entire room working together to design a sigil for Dragon Con, 2016. The intentions and representations for this symbol were: energy, safety, short lines, the five days, fun, swift movement, inspiration, patience, communication, and a ward against con crud. The final art included lines, squiggles, arrows, spirals, circles, and stars.

For more information about Ms. Zakroff and her art, visit her booth in the Art Walk at LB18, booth 5121. You can also visit her online at

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