A Killer Press Conference with Danielle Panabaker

Photo by Bill Watters
Photo by Bill Watters

Dragon Con veteran and Georgia native Danielle Panabaker sat down with reporters Friday evening for a candid press conference to talk the future of The Flash, playing Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost, and role models.

Like episodes of the show, let’s flash forward to the future. In season four, expect a time jump of about six months, and Tom Felton’s character’s absence will be addressed. A grieving Iris will take on a greater leadership role and work to keep Team Flash from falling apart, but Caitlin is no longer a part of the team. She’s off trying to handle things on her own, and, whether you’re a Caitlin or Killer Frost fan, you won’t be disappointed. Kid Flash is still off trying to solve Flash problems along with Cisco and Vibe. As for another musical episode in the future, “I don’t sing! I, for sure, would be an excellent ‘more cowbell’ ringing in the background,” Panabaker exclaimed.

When asked which is her favorite to play, Panabaker is torn between the two vastly different characters.

“Honestly, I love that I get to play both. I love Caitlin. I love that she’s such an intelligent woman and that her intelligence is celebrated and encouraged. Then to have the opportunity be on a superhero show and play a villain and get to take it really far. That’s the fun of being a villain on our show. You’re not limited to trying to keep it real, so we get to have a lot of fun with it. So, truly, I love that I get to play both.”

Portraying a murderous villain on a superhero show has been more fun for Panabaker than she ever thought it would be because she’s been able to play several iterations of Killer Frost, including wherever the next season will take her.

While Tom Cavanagh’s portrayal of evil Dr. Harrison Wells, aka Eobard Thawne, aka the Reverse Flash, is one of Panabaker’s favorite villains on the show, he’s actually a role model to her in general. He’s the person that the actors go to when they’re having troubles, dilemmas, and need advice. She said that he brings a real enthusiasm and empathetic presence to set.

There was one gorilla-sized spoiler in the press conference. If Grodd happens to be your favorite villain, I have bad news for you. To the cast, he’s just a tennis ball.

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