Casper Van Dien and Patrick Muldoon: From Bugs to Wolves

Photo by Brandilyn Carpenter
Photo by Brandilyn Carpenter

What started out as a press conference on Saturday afternoon turned into what felt more like a family reunion. The relaxed vibe started with Patrick Muldoon pretending to trash-talk the tardy Casper Van Dien. He put the room at ease and started what became more of a conversation than a question-and-answer session. The few questions fielded by Muldoon included talking about his upcoming role in Alpha Wolf (incidentally with Van Dien) and his absence from the Starship Troopers movie poster.

When Van Dien appeared, he apologized and let us know the reason was simply, “I forgot about you.” More bantering ensued. We were treated to a few stories of backstage hijinx. The final “question” of the press conference turned into a rapid-fire session led by Van Dien. Voice Acting: “Words are Really Hard.” Van Dien’s favorite non-Starship Troopers role: “Starship Troopers…3.”  Was Starship Troopers ahead of its time? “Yes and No.”

Overall, it was not the most informative of press conferences, but it was entertaining because of the undeniable chemistry between Van Dien and Muldoon. Best half-hour ever. So far.

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