How Far Will You Come?

Dragon Con: those words mean something different to different people. To some, it’s a way to cosplay and let their fantasies fly. For others, it’s a way to hang with like-minded geeks who get the Star Wars or Supernatural quotes. Others get to game with people from all over the world. For everyone, it’s a way to reconnect to “family.”

All over the world? Yes. Not only are there fans here from all over the United States, people travel here from other countries just to be here at Dragon Con. This year, there are fans from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Australia. Why?

Tracey and her husband Eric are from just outside Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. This is their fourth Dragon Con, and they love it. I lucked out in meeting this couple while grabbing a quick bite in the food court (sharing a table can be a great way to meet new friends).

According to this couple, coming is not terribly expensive. Since the dollar is down, the conversion from the Australian dollar to ours is about $0.80/$1. Round-trip tickets were less than $1,000 each. The hotel cost (off-site, but around the corner) was about $600. Food varies, but they go out to eat a couple of times in nicer restaurants than the food court, and they limit what they purchase in the AmericasMart, since they have to be concerned with packing it. The big drawback is not being able to cosplay like they want to. Since additional baggage can be expensive, their cosplay outfits are constructed of fabric that folds flat and does not require weapons (especially with the TSA watching).

Like most fans, Dragon Con has become a “must-see” event. Eric told me that his friend “from the States kept going on and on about this Dragon Con, and thought I should check it out. I finally listened to him. I was sold, just from reading the events on the website. I told Tracey about it and we agreed we would try it the first year. After that, we were hooked.”

After all, Dragon Con is the largest and best con ever… or at least we think so.

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