Kevin Shirley

George Takei on Citizenship and Understanding

Garrett Wang welcomed George Takei to a packed Marriott Atrium ballroom at 2:30PM Friday for an hour of recollection and reflection. Takei was in outstanding form and the members were treated to a fascinating hour. Born in Los Angeles before World War II, Takei was 5 years old when Japan attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor. His family, though… Read more →

The Wit and Wisdom of Samwise Gamgee

The High Fantasy track at Dragon Con launched its 2023 schedule in the track room (Marriott L401-403) Friday at 10AM with an examination of moderator Jim Wert’s favorite Lord of the Rings character: Samwise Gamgee. Joining Jim were Alicia Fox-Lentz, Violette Meier, and Frank Morin. Ranging from representations of Sam across media and film, to the complexities of his character… Read more →

Mandalorians: Their History and Culture

The Star Wars Track at Dragon Con opened their 2023 panel series at 7:00 pm Thursday evening in Marriott A706 with a discussion of what has become one of the most fascinating and complex dimensions of the entire franchise: Mandalorians. Before the track organizers could put out their signage, members formed a queue that ran back to the hotel lobby…. Read more →

Fon Davis: A Mini-Class in Movie Miniatures

The Robotics Track at Dragon Con welcomed Fon Davis to the Sheraton Sunday afternoon to discuss an often forgotten element of the Star Wars prequel films production: miniatures. The series is famous for its technological innovations, including the development of digital cameras. While it is true that films represent a giant leap forward technologically, it is also the case that… Read more →

William Shatner: Aware

William Shatner: Aware

Saturday morning in the Hilton Grand Salon, Dragon Con’s Trek track welcomed the ever-captivating William Shatner. In classic form, Shatner regaled the crowd with stories and insights drawn from a lifetime of experience. This was particularly the case given that it is his first Dragon Con since traveling into space on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin spacecraft. That experience added another… Read more →

Myth and History: World Building in Historical Fantasy

The Fantasy Literature track at Dragon Con 2022 welcomed a distinguished group of authors to their track room in the Hyatt Embassy Saturday evening to discuss the use of historical material in the construction of fantasy worlds. Joining moderator Mera Rose were urban fantasy and paranormal romance author Jennifer Blackstream, military science fiction and fantasy author Marc Alan Edelheit, Chris… Read more →

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