Max Caracappa

Max sees to the needs of her kitty overlords; polices the grammar on all kinds of published material including signage, menus, and food packaging; and cuddles with her wife while watching her favorite shows (Our Flag Means Death, Killjoys, Sense8, and Doctor Who among them). She continues to be far too excited to be working for the Daily Dragon.

Misha is God, Everything Else is Details

The Friday 2:30PM Supernatural panel in the Marriott Atrium Ballroom was full of guests as surprise panelists Misha Collins and Julie McNiven joined Mark Sheppard, Samantha Ferris, and Christopher Heyerdahl. With two angels, two demons, and one hunter, the panel was lively, and they bantered easily from topic to topic, including how they got their parts, what they liked most… Read more →

A Bloody Good Time

Coming onstage Friday morning in front of a packed Atrium ballroom (M), Charlaine Harris, Jim Parrack, Joe Manganiello, and Kristin Bauer were greeted with deafening cheers and blinding flashbulbs. The True Blood actors and the author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels teased the audience with hints about what is coming in the last few episodes of season four as well… Read more →

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