Babylon 5: A Woman’s Perspective

With: Mira Furlan, Maggie Egan, Julie Caitlin Brown, and Claudia Christian.

Since Julie was the first usual suspect to arrive she strode to the stage and proceeded to vamp till Maggie and Mira made their appearance. Like the Men’s group the previous day they too made phallic jokes, with and about, the microphones. I think I detect a theme here.

First I must make one admission, the sound system was unclear or maybe it was my hearing, so any mistakes in content are purely my own.

The first question was to Julie regarding N’Toth’s return to any possible Babylon 5. She said she’d like to if the Narn’s are marsupial and the males carry the fetuses to term. She’d love to see G’Kar pregnant! She also remarked as how when she was delivered to G’Kar from her prison cell on Centauri Prime Tony Dow (the ep. Director) said she wasn’t pathetic enough, so he took a handful of dirt from the floor and smeared it over her.

At this point Claudia bounded into the room and onto the platform at this stage. She said hello to the fans and her co-panelists.

The next question was what would they like to change about the fifth season of Babylon 5 if they could. Mira’s was the first answer she said she would have like to see Delenn be less window dressing for her husband and to take a more central role in the season’s activity. I guess she’s not a fan of the old Tammy Wynette tune. Claudia made a comment about how married women are generally treated poorly by screenwriters. She also wished that Ivanova could have “gotten some.”

The next series of comments regarded the difficulties of wearing full make-up and masks. Julie commented about having “phantom make-up syndrome.” She still felt it on even after removal. She also commented doing her role was “no sex and a lotta glue.” Mira said that she never heard properly in the full make-up and it was akin to wearing a diving mask underwater. Claudia said she felt guilty “bitching about the ponytail.”

They then went on a tear about how the poor actors playing the Marcabs could breath through the noses and it was nearly impossible for them to eat. Apparently the sight and sounds of such an exercise where pretty disgusting.

Julie proceeded to say how the actors who specialize in playing in heavy make-up will one day go to the actors unions and request redress for certain grievances. The principle issue generally being the occasionally medical problem and just the overall difficulties involved. I wish her and the others well. Without them the SF universe would be a much poorer place.

Claudia went off on another tear about CGI (Computer Graphic Interface) generated actors. That some actors are pricing themselves out of work and, but Julie doubted that it would affect supporting actors, they’ll always be cheaper to hire. Claudia continued with how she thought the audience would always prefer live actors. I think that would depend upon the quality of the CGI, myself.

Someone asked the ubiquitous question, “What is your favorite episode?” Mira commented that all the episodes have blurred into one big episode. Claudia like the episode she first worked with Mira, though they both protested doing the infamous “cramps” scene. However Mira said she like the hair stuff they did. Maggie Evans said her favorite moment was when she found out she got the job. Julie said she liked kicking Sarah Douglas’ ass, but I believe the reason had nothing to do with Babylon 5.

When asked what they were currently doing, Mira Furlan subsequently commented that for the last six months she’d been in Babyland with her new son and was enjoying it tremendously. Claudia has been busy on doing the lead female voice in a Disney animated feature due out in 2001 entitled Atlantis, and an 48 year old obese Jewish housewife in film True Rights. She has also recorded an album in Nashville entitled Lush due out later this year.

With that the session came to an end, it was enjoyed by all.

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