Dragon Concert Series: Sir Milard Mulch

Opening the night of fun was an underground band from Florida. Existential, sophomoric humor seemingly derived from the musical group Beck, permeated their lyrics and their repetitious musical thumpings. Three young men playing bass, lead guitars, and drums and two dressed as ‘bots did the “robot” to all their music is what equated to their band. Sadly all the energy from their show came from the ‘bots. My favorite song from the group was as I recall it (probably misnamed), “the boy with the square butt-hole.” A great, well worked, song about a boy who was described as, in my own words, the geek of geeks, and how one day after finally trying to break his mold, he found out he had a square butt-hole. Happily that was the last song of a long series of “songs titles that end in three” which where highly repetitious and one good thing from the performance (besides the robots) was the skill in which they played their instruments. Their performance was brought to an end by the lead singer being throttled by the dancing robots. Shortly followed by Professor Plutonium in an attempt to increase crowd energy, attempted to blow up a couch, before Apollo Smile’s performance. Let’s just say Claudia Christian saved them and brought the energy back up for Tech services and Apollo Smile.

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