Dragon Horde

Okay, so I am not 12 years old. I cannot win a prize on RadioDisney no matter how many times I call. And I still get questioned every time I request a Happy Meal at McDonalds, but I am a kid at heart so I definitely was too curious not to stop by the KidsCon. While perusing the KidsCon, stocked with computers and enough card games and anime to satiate the greediest of us. I took time out of my insistent whining (I was trying to get a cool KidsCon badge) to talk to the only dealer in the room, who seem to enjoy himself immensely playing in the computer rooms.

The dealer is Tony Cade, and he has owned his comic book shop, Dragon Horde, for over five years. Taking an interest in owning a comic book shop came easy to Tony, who loved to read and picked up on the Fantastic Four comics as a youngun’. His love for comics also extended into gaming realms, thanks to Dragon*Con, and later on expanded to include anime. He’d been attending the convention since he was a child. Of course when given an opportunity to co-sponsor a track at the convention, he agreed. So now you can find this dealer working directly with KidsCon programming to keep the kids well entertained while here.

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