Behind the Scenes of Lord of the Rings

J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy, The Lord of the Rings has been loved by millions of people around the world for many years.  Peter Jackson is directing the film adaptations in production now.  The Fellowship of the Ring will be coming to theaters near you on December 19, 2001.  The Two Towers will follow in December 2002, and The Return of the King will premiere in December 2003.  The three films are a joint production of New Line cinema and ThreeFootSix Productions.  The three movies were filmed simultaneously over an eighteen-month period in New Zealand.  A mix of known and unknown actors make up the cast.

The fan organization and website, presented a behind the scenes look at what is know about the movies’ production thus far.  While is not the official Lord of the Rings movie website, they have amazingly detailed information.  Fans often send them unsolicited information and photos.  The packed crowd in the Hyatt ballroom was enthralled by the lush images captured by spies in New Zealand.  The audience sat glued to their chairs as they watched movie trailers, a special exclusive preview video, on-location shots, and a frame-by-frame analysis of the latest trailer on a large screen with wonderful sound.  It was heaven.

The only problem Peter Jackson may have these days is competing with millions of readers’ imaginations.  Jackson is cognizant of fans’ fears and has been answering their questions and concerns on the official website ( ).  I’m sure the film industry will be waiting to see how fans and the rest of the public at large receive the films.  If  The Lord of the Rings films are successful, they could open the door for more quality fantasy films, just as the novels opened up the entire fantasy fiction genre.  My largest concern as a big fan of this (nearly) sacrosanct trilogy is: Please don’t let these movies suck!

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