Three-Day Pass

Three days have passed. You’ve been to panels. You’ve seen stars, authors, artists, and legends. You’ve walked the aisles of the dealers’ room and seen their myriad of wares. You’ve strolled the maze that is the art show and were awestruck by the wonders you saw. You’ve seen the pretty ladies in the Dawn Look-Alike contest and marveled at their beauty. You’ve seen the folks in costume each day and at the Masquerade and envied their skill and creativity. You’ve been to film festivals, took in some anime, and watched some video on the Dragon*Con controlled cable channel. So, what’s left?

You had a blast. You did it all. You had yourself a ball. You ran rampant. You forgot to eat. Oh, my gosh, you even forgot you had to sleep. You’ve been pretty busy and the convention is almost over. Our time together is almost through. “Good byes” must soon be said and “so longs” included too. Don’t be sad. No need to be blue. Next year we’ll here and waiting for you.

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