Learning about Dragon*Con’s Nightlife

So, it’s my first day on the job at the Daily Dragon. My director tells me to go out and interview various attendees and see how they’re enjoying the nighttime scene at D*C. As it’s my first time really getting to experience such things, I’ve tried to have a little fun and learn about this event’s subcultures. It’s been an education so far.

I met a gentleman named Phillip Sacco. He was walking around in a medieval styled outfit, and Dragon*Con is his 5th con. In his opinion, “the party scene was pretty slow during last year on Friday, but it’s picked up early this year.” He was there to promote his book which he’ll be autographing in the exhibition hall. Out of all the costumes he’s seen, Sacco has been “especially taken with the female stormtrooper” in a white armor/lingerie combo. He’d also been having a bit of fun talking to the ladies, one of whom had taken to following him around.

After that, I met a statuesque schoolgirl named Soni, who was visiting from New Orleans. She mostly came for the nightlife since “I’ve been drinking all day and I don’t really care about the events much.” She took me to a party in the Hyatt, which seemed pretty cool. Just about everyone was dancing and talking, or making out underneath the curtains, which I guess was a good way to go.

One of the partygoers was Bob, a computer security programmer who was costumed as “Snape” from Harry Potter. He said “Doctor Demento was wonderful. [I’ve] been a fan of theirs for longer than I want to admit.”

Wanda Towers was having fun under the alias “Dragon Ass.” She came from Birmingham for her 13th Dragon*Con. Though she appreciates the party scene, she came mostly to “buy stuff I can’t afford and don’t need.”

Jessica is a local bartender who is attending her first D*C. In honor of her friends bringing her, she invented a liquor shot called “The Vampire Slayer” consisting of Georgia moonshine, and a couple 40-50 proof blue liqueurs. “D*C is totally cool,” she said. “This is my first time and I got invited to a private party, and I’m meeting tons of people.” “Still,” Jessica said, her main reason for attending “is the artwork and sketches in the exhibition hall.”

Merv is attending his second D*C from Charlotte, NC with his friend, Sharon. He says he’s having more fun than last year because “back then, when they had James Marsters here, there were like 20,000 people here and everyone was elbow to elbow and there wasn’t any room to move. This year there’s no single name guest who’s getting that many people so we can actually breathe.” As a Babylon 5 fan, his main focus for the con is the actors from B5. “I’d like to catch up with Peter Jurasik and Jason Carter at some point.” Sharon gave the best advice for anyone who might get a bit inebriated during a party. “When you can’t feel the front of your face anymore, it’s time to stop.”

Katie, or Step-MILF as she prefers to be known, is an office manager attending her first D*C out of Nashville. She plans to outparty everyone, including her husband, Greg, who can also enjoy a considerable amount of fun. Katie invented a drink for the occasion called the Godzilla, which consisted of Midori, coconut rum, and pineapple juice. Greg (also known as Mr. Wizard) gave advice on how to be a long-lasting partygoer. “Balance and moderation: those are the big keys.”

Wise words, Mr. Wizard.  Wise words indeed.

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