Bright Knight in the Afternoon

Eric Etebari was no “Dark Knight in the Morning” on Friday afternoon. Wearing bright yellow tennis shoes and a bright green jacket, the actor from the popular TV movie and series Witchblade hardly resembled his mesmerizing character, Ian Nottingham.

The name resulted from a scheduling shift from Sunday morning to the Friday date, but the timing seemed as perfect as the charming and hilarious Etebari kept the crowded room cracking up from the moment he entered.

“I don’t believe it!” Etebari said with a genuine start. “I thought two people would be sitting here!”

The hour rushed by as Etebari told stories about his wondrous time working on Witchblade, his rocking weight loss plan for his mom, and his thrilling plans for a future movie with several Witchblade cast members. He shifted into Ian Nottingham for just seconds, demonstrating the startling contrast between actor and character.

Etebari described his Witchblade experience as the best time of his life as an actor. He admitted his extreme passion for the role of Ian Nottingham and doing his own stunts may have narrowed his career choices. But Etebari seems excited by the definite course toward Science Fiction/Fantasy.

“I wouldn’t be happy about playing a lawyer or a detective. It’s too boring for me,” Etebari said.

Ian Nottingham, Etebari’s character in Witchblade, certainly did not bore. He was an assassin, gentleman, superhero, sage, shy virgin all rolled into one appealing, intense man that audiences wanted to rescue, champion and adore. Viewers watched him grow from a lurking stalker to enamored rebel against a father-figure’s tyrannical authority.

Etebari feels the loss of Nottingham and the Witchblade as much as fans so he’s enlisted Witchblade castmates David Chokachi (Jake McCartey) Anthony Cistaro (Kenneth Irons) and Lazar to make a movie called Dreamless.

“It’s very close to the Witchblade, but this time, I’ve got the amulet,” Etebari said. “Anything I ever wanted to do on Witchblade, I’m going to get to do on Dreamless.”

Dreamless has already started production, and Etebari hopes for a release date as early as late 2006.

Etebari is unsure about the future of Witchblade though its popularity continues years after its cancellation with only two seasons on air.

“I think a lot of it depends on Yancy (Butler, who played the main character), what her position is,” said Etebari, who only had kind words for his co-star who became ill and decided not to continue starring in the series.

Etebari, who recently appeared in Cellular and 2Fast2Furious, has plenty of projects to keep him busy. In addition to Dreamless, Etebari is also working another film called Tony Trans Am with Anthony Cistaro.

Though he still remains with his band, KNUCKLES, he recently created a five-minute song called “Shake and Bake” because of a challenge from his mom. He wrote and sings the PG-13 song to give his mom a five-minute-day exercise routine.

Fans can learn more about Etebari and his projects on his official international fan site,

Check out “An Hour with Eric Etebari” Sun 5:30PM Regency V. Etebari will judge the Masquerade on Sun 8PM Centennial I, II and III. He stars in the award-winning “Into the Maelstrom,” at Sun 8:30AM and “Sorrows Lost” Sun 8AM in the Learning Center.

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