Parties, Announcements, Lost & Found

Charity Auction After Event

Didn’t make the Charity Auction? Join us for the After Event, a silent auction of late donations and remaining items, all proceeds to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Mon 9AM-Noon, Charity Events Booth (Marriott).

Meet Authors Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman

The Margaret Weis Productions Booth is in the Hilton. Hear news about the new Dragonlance movie! Free autographs!

Matters of the Force

2006 Star Wars Costume Contest Registration forms are Here. Please read the guidelines! Individual pictures will be taken of all contestants during judging. These can be picked up Sun evening at the Cantina Ball.

If you were a winner at the 2005 Star Wars Costume Contest, please email (Cathy Bowden) sf-motf (at) att (dot) net with your name, the category you won, and your home address so she can mail you your certificate.

Marriott Now a “Smoke-Free” Zone

All Marriott locations in both the U.S. and Canada will be 100% smoke-free as of September, including all guest rooms, restaurants, lounges, meeting rooms, public space, and employee work areas.

So non-smoking folks in the Marriott can breathe easier, and all you smokestacks are going to have to take it outside.

Greatest Klingon Party of the Year

Come one and all! Sat 9:00PM, Marriott suite 932.

Stargate Party

Stargate Atlanta invites you to travel the Gate to the Party of the Galaxy. Sun 9:00PM in a Marriott Suite. Marriott suite 932.

Seeking D&D Players

Looking for players for a 3.5 edition D&D game Sun 2-8AM during Open Gaming: The Swamp of Lost Souls. Bring your own characters, levels 7-9. Standard races and classes only. Tables will be set up near the CheeseGrinder; ask for Jim Beach (the guy with a full-sized skull on the table).

Happy 40th, Mark!

Happy 40th birthday, Mark Crump! From your silly wife and your Imperial roommates!

A Shout Out for Jay Thompson

Good luck with your panels for Heart of an Empire this weekend. Look forward to meeting up with you, Dave, and Matt at the Hyatt. See you there.
—Regis Jack

Happy One Month Anniversary, Sean!

—Love, Sarah

Bleed For Us

The Heinlein Society and Life South Blood Services blood drive will be open from Noon to 6PM. Donate blood and get a special edition t-shirt. Located in the Magnolia room in the Marriott Marquis, one level down from the entrance.

World Fit for Kids Charity Event

Meet Richard Hatch after you play a sealed Battlestar Galactica tournament. Cost is $25. Prizes include signed rare and foil cards and signed photographs for winner and fellowship. Sign up at the Wiz Kids Gaming Area.

Learn Art Techniques

Artist Cynthia McMillon from Genesis Art Center will be demonstrating art techniques using colored pencil, ink, and watercolor Sat 2 to 3PM and Sun 2 to 3PM, Art Show Bay 325.

Happy Anniversary, Ron Mitchell TK-2769

Happy Anniversary, Ronnie! Thank you for being my knight in shining white armor for the last 17 years. When I slipped over to the darkest of the dark sides, you were there to pull me back, and you’ve always supported my decisions and never judged me, whether I wanted to be a poet, raise an army of feral cats or dye my hair black. You are the sexiest stormtrooper who ever walked this side of the galaxy and, more importantly, the most honest, caring, hardworking, funny and real person I know. You make me want to be a better person and find the true Force inside myself, instead of zooming across the universe in vain. These are just a few reasons why I love you so much, because if I shared them all I would never finish telling you until the day I die.

Do the Art Crawl

The 2nd Annual ART CRAWL will be Fri and Sat 5-10PM in both the Hyatt and Marriott. Tours will leave every 15 minutes from near the information booths. Look for the volunteers with the big, glittery, pink signs.

The following artists will be appearing in the Hyatt:
The Wolfe Brothers make-up and FX team, Karalyn Johnson, Rita Ritchie, Leslie Hoops-Wallace, Kelly Smith, & Christina Myers.

The following artists will be appearing in the Marriott:
The Bedlam Bards (Fri only), Lysa (Zengirl) Andrews, Brandy Stark, Laura Diehl, Mark Helwig, & Michelle Ellington.


Happy Birthday, Devi-chan!
—From Doc Railgun

B-Day for Bev

All your friends at Dragon*con and your husband would like to wish our very own Bev Kodak, director of the YA Track, a very happy birthday!

To Claire & Alan

May the Force be with you.
—Love, Darth Mader

Good Samaritan Pirates

Thanks so much to the pirates that found and returned my purse. I’m a pirate myself, so my gratitude is greatly amplified! I effin love you guys! Much love to my fellow pirates!
—Alex Bolen

How Much Do You Want Ptolus?

White Wolf Game Studio will be hosting a contest. 15 names will be drawn to win Ptolus: Monte Cook’s City by the Spire. Whoever can hold the 6lb book at arm’s length the longest will win a free copy. Raffle tickets available at booth 309. Sun 1PM, booth 309.

Atlanta Outworlders Party

For members and friends of the GLBT community. Sun 7PM, Hyatt Suite 2015.

Fracture a Limb!

The Orlando Rocky Horror cast wanted to say “Break A Leg!” to the Atlanta cast for tonight’s showing.

Amy & AJ

Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary!

Trek Trak Rainbow Flag Party

Co-sponsored by the Atlanta outworlders. Sat 10PM, Baker.

Achbar’s 44th

Birthday party/”Bringer of Dreams 2006″ two 22-year-olds contest. Win a trophy! Fri 8PM, 739 Marriott.

D*C Yahoo Groups Dinner Meet-up

Sat & Sun 6:30PM, Marriott Atrium coffee shop.

Happy 7th Birthday, Elijah

May The Force Be With You!
—Love, Granny-Elf

B-Day Badger Lord

The Daily Dragon would like to wish our very own Russ Matthews a Happy 30th Birthday. Congrats, dude, you’re old as dirt now. *smooches*.

X-Men Photoshoot

There will be a photoshoot for X-Men cosplayers Sun 11AM in the Hyatt Lobby. Any X-Men or Marvel character is welcome!

Happy 40th, Clark!

Happy 40th Birthday, Clark Watson.
—From Chris and Zero.

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