The State of the Fleet: Dark and Getting Darker

Battlestar Galactica is set to get a lot darker when the show returns to the Sci-Fi Channel this October.

“As for the upcoming season, the two words you are going to hear a lot is dark and intense, so you really don’t want any spoilers,” technical advisor Kevin R. Grazier told a crowd of fans at “Sitrep: The State of the Fleet” Saturday morning.

While the cast has refrained from letting spoilers loose, they have hinted that bad things are coming for the survivors of the 12 colonies.

“Here’s a spoiler, people are going to die. Lots of people are going to die,”
Tahmoh Penikett said. “Seriously, we can’t give out any spoilers, but just as an actor, by the time we get to the middle of the season, episodes 10, 11, just, it’s just wow.”

The cast was able to say why the series has moved to a more traditional television season of October through March instead of running 10 shows in the spring and 10 in the summer.

“I can say the Stargate format didn’t work for us because we’re pulling an audience that is not a traditional Sci-Fi audience, so we moved to a more traditional schedule,” Grazier said.

The BSG cast will be appearing Mon 10AM, Centennial II-III.

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