Wanna Fly a Rocket Plane?

Dragon*Con is pleased to be able to offer convention-goers a chance to experience piloting a rocket powered aircraft, sponsored by the Orbital Commerce Project (OCP).

A 27-foot air-conditioned trailer containing two high fidelity, non-motion, rocket powered aircraft simulators will be located on the Hyatt side of Peachtree Center Ave (the street between the Marriott and Hyatt) during the convention.

The simulators are FREE to all con attendees on a first come, first served basis. There’s no limit to how many times you can fly, but attendees will have to get back in line and wait after each turn.

These simulators are full cockpit mock-ups, based on a rocket powered trainer. Experienced pilots will be able to fly freely while simulator control officers will be on hand to assist non-pilots. Each flight will last approx. 3 minutes.

And be sure to register for the OCP sweepstakes and receive free giveaways from their sponsors. The annual OCP training course sweepstakes has a prize of one of their, or an assigned affiliate’s, training courses, valued at approximate $50,000!  Free giveaways include a choice of a tin of Bawls Mints or a poker chip from the River Belle Casino.

Read a firsthand account of the experience by the Daily Dragon’s Claire Greiner: “Journey Into the Black.”

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