Black is Back!

Claudia Black made her first convention appearance in more than two years Sat in front of a capacity crowd in Centennial 1. After being moved to a larger room, fans still had to be turned away, but those inside were treated to 30 minutes with Claudia Black.

Black, a last second replacement for Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff, commented on the ramifications of flying while eight months pregnant.

“I’ve been told that the electricity in lighting can induce labor, and I’ve been told that all the electrical systems in airplanes can induce labor. Last night, we were flying through thunderstorms. So I thought there was a chance I was going to have a very interesting flight. I thought for a while I was going to have to call my husband and have very interesting news for him.”

The star of Farscape and Stargate: SG-1 is working a pair of new projects, awaiting her second child, and remodeling her home.

“Have any of you ever gone through a home remodel? I’m sorry, I truly, truly am,” Black said. “I keep telling them this is going to be a home birth, not a Home Depot birth. I’m afraid I’m just going to pop this baby out in the lumber aisle of Home Depot.”

She said the events of this year had been humbling, and she found herself really enjoying autographing on the walk of fame.

“I was thinking with every autograph that it was a new toilet seat,” she said. “No, really, it wasn’t in the budget, so really thank you, thank you for getting my family a toilet seat.”

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