Harry Potter: A Q&A with Matthew Lewis

Amid the waving of scarves and wands, the “Meet the Stars of Harry Potter” panel began with the introduction of Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom.

The first part of the hour was prepared questions ranging from particulars about the Harry Potter movies to more personal questions, such as his favorite TV shows. One of the responses brought laughter to the crowd when Matthew revealed he had left his keys on the plane and wasn’t sure how he was getting home.

Other members of the audience were interested in how Matthew handled the change of directors. With a smile, he praised all the directors and said that he enjoyed learning how each worked differently.

The second half was open to the audience to ask questions. When asked who he would like to meet, Matthew choose Winston Churchill. An interesting turn of events was revealed when one of the audience members offered to give him a lift once they both got to Manchester. As the hour came to a close, he was asked if he would be attending the “Yule Ball” on Sunday. He promised to try.

Author of the article

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