Thursday Impressions

It was the day before the beginning of Dragon*Con in downtown Atlanta. Outside, lines snaked around the Hyatt as fans waited to purchase their badges. On the sidewalk, they discussed the merits of their favorite comic book heroes. A sea of bubbling excitement rolled through the crowd moving from hotel to hotel as the day faded and the night began. Inside, the hotel was filled with X-men, pirates, and an assortment of characters from various TV shows. New and old friends gathered to discuss the past year under the blue light of a bar in the Marriott. A skinny punk with purple-tinted spikes stood with a housewife dressed as a princess, discussing which panels they were planning to see. It was the time to pretend to be anything and everything, including Superman, Captain Kirk, and Doctor Who. The fans were descending and soon the parade of Stormtroopers and Klingons would begin.

Author of the article

Bobbie Nelson has been a vagabond most of her life. During high school, she was known to be a card-carrying member of the Doctor Who Club and is suspected of trying to overthrow the world with her cat, Mrs. Kibby. After attending college, she took up her traveling shoes, and as part of a touring theatre company, she toured in the United States, Canada, and overseas. At the end of three years, she moved back to Texas to pursue a major in Library Science and became a librarian in Georgia. She currently works at the Roswell Library as a reference librarian. She has been seen many times at Dragon*Con, mostly in the company of some unusual characters, including the photography staff. She and her husband met at Dragon*Con—reports of something in the water being the cause have proven inconclusive. Currently, she is a working for the Daily Dragon. Her co-conspirator for the overthrow of the world may have changed to Fetch, the Daily Dragon's mascot. Updates will be forthcoming as the con progresses.

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