Dragon*Con Thriller 2009

Help Dragon*Con break the world record for “Largest ‘Thriller’ Dance”—the most people simultaneously dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller—on Sun 7PM in the Grand Ballroom A-C of the Sheraton (3rd floor). Stormtroopers, fairies, vampires, pirates, klingons, superheroes, and definitely zombies, welcome*!

Learn the dance and sign up for participation** at one of the practice sessions:

  • Thriller Practice Session 1: Sun 4PM, Atlanta (S).
  • Thriller Practice Session 2: Sun 5:30PM, Atlanta (S).

More information at dragoncon.org and at dragonconthriller.com.


*This will be a participation-only event. We wish there were room for spectators, but if we’re going to break the world record, we’re going to need all the space we can get.
**A release to participate must be signed by all those that will be attempting to break the world record. If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or a guardian must sign the release for you.

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