Paul McGillion’s One Man Show!

On Friday afternoon the Stargate Multiverse track was slated to open their 2009 schedule at 11:30AM in the Marriott Atrium ballroom with a guest “super gate” panel consisting of Paul McGillion and Joe Flanigan from Stargate Atlantis.  However, due to unforeseen consequences, it was left to McGillion to handle the panel by himself.  He started things off by apologizing for his co-star’s absence—in his best Joe Flanigan voice impression.  It was evident from his enthusiasm and energy level that McGillion is quite fond of attending Dragon*Con.  He took several moments to thank the audience for not only being so welcoming of him here but also for their support and loyalty to Stargate Atlantis.

Ever the flirtatious sort, Paul boosted many a female ego by greeting each of their questions with “Yes, gorgeous” or a similar endearment.  He related a tale about his parents’ misconception that he’d been cast on Star Trek when he was cast on Stargate, but, he later commented, after his cameo in this summer’s reboot of Star Trek, his parents were ultimately proven right.

Many fans wanted to know what Paul is up to currently and the audience was delighted to learn that he’s just finished up a guest spot on Supernatural that will air this fall.  McGillion commented on his love of Scotland (he’s originally from Paisley, Scotland), his past as a teacher, and his views on the value of education.  McGillion ended the panel with a trivia question to give away his personal script, also autographed by all of the Stargate guests, of the Stargate Atlantis series finale.

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