Reading Between the Lines: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Sherrilyn Kenyon had her first individual panel on Saturday at 2:30PM.  In addition to the bevy of questions asked about her wildly popular Dark-Hunter series, fans got the opportunity to ask about a variety of topics such as her Lords of Avalon series and her forthcoming Chronicles of Nick series, as well as her often-mentioned love of manga.

On the subject of her upcoming Chronicles of Nick, Kenyon expounded on how this series will be a young adult-friendly retelling of the early life of one of her most popular characters from the Dark-Hunter series, Nick Gautier, and will tell his story from his early life up to his first appearance in the Dark-Hunter universe.  Sherrilyn also commented on her desire to work on another Lords of Avalon book but, she mused, there are only so many hours in the day.

When asked about the origins of her Dark-Hunters series, Kenyon mentioned that she had to adapt her desire to write about vampires because when she started the series, publishers weren’t willing to publish anything related to vampires as, until then, Anne Rice was the lone popular vampire author.  Sherrilyn also assured one questioner that, in addition to the current Greek pantheon, she will be introducing the Egyptian pantheon to the Dark-Hunters series.  When asked how she deals with the bad things that she inevitably has to do to her characters, Sherrilyn said that it was tough because she’s so close to the characters she creates.

The highlight of the panel was a proposal of marriage by one panel attendee to his girlfriend.  We were assured the answer was “yes,” and Sherrilyn led the applause for the happy couple herself.

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