The Old Man and the Sea of Opportunity

So tired. So very tired. Too tired.

Must. Find…Ah. Here we are.

Shatner and Nimoy! Draco! Buffy and Angel! SG! Doctor Who! Twilight and True Blood! Firefly!

Ahh, rejuvenation. The exuberance of—not youth—diehard fandom. Inhaling the scent of fanaticism sends shivers throughout my atrophied system. Potential rears its beautiful head once again. But I still need more.

There! Anime girls! Hogwarts students! Trekkies! Dragonriders! Hobbits and bards and warriors and jedi!

How I ever could have felt lethargic  is beyond me. Oh! Another burst from the WoT bunch over there. I feel light as air now, just rolling through Dragon*Con as blithely as a lark. Ouch! Too much from those steampunkers. Whoa, easy, not too fast now.

Calm down, old man; take it easy. Don’t burn out all at once. There’s more than enough time left; plenty of excited vibes to leech off come my next wind-down.

Ah, it’s good to be young again.

Author of the article

Sometime artist, sometime writer, all time reader, all time dancer. Jason M. Waltz has spent almost 35 years dancing with words ~ writing tall tales, reading books of all sorts, telling and retelling those stories. And now reviewing and editing and publishing them. Heroic adventure fiction, from Westerns to fantasy to Fedora Fiction to thriller, is what he's all about. Owner/operator of Rogue Blades Entertainment -- THE small press publisher putting the SWORD back into swordplay and the HERO back into heroics -- he's come for his second go 'round with the beast named Dragon*Con. This time, he's determined to tame her, blade in one hand, stylus in the other.