Superhero Photo Shoots

Calling all superhero cosplayers! Break out your spandex, capes, and flight rings and come on down to have your picture taken. Over 100 costumers have already signed up. Photographers welcome, too!

FRIDAY (9/3)

  • 2:30PM: Magically Inclined Group – 10th Floor Marriott
  • 4:00PM: Spider-Man Villains – 10th Floor Marriott
  • 6:00PM (pre-shoot at 5:30): Lethal Ladies of Gotham and Birds of Prey – Henry Ivy Park (across from the Suntrust Bank by the Hyatt)
  • 6:30PM: Expanded Flash and Rogues Gallery – 2nd Floor Marriott
  • 7:30PM Comic Villains – Hilton back steps/patio (then roaming and terrorizing the con!)


  • 11:00AM (immediately following the Dragon*Con parade): Lantern Corps – Hilton back steps/patio
  • 1:15PM: Inhumans – Henry Ivy Park arch
  • 4:30PM: Marvel Universe – Hilton back steps/patio
  • 5:30PM: X-Men – Hilton back steps/patio
  • 6:00PM: Avengers, Young Avengers, and Dark Avengers – Hilton back steps/patio
  • 6:45PM: JSA – 10th Floor Marriott
  • 7:00PM: Kick-Ass – Marriott Atrium
  • 9:00PM: World’s Finest (Batman and Superman characters) – Hilton back steps/patio (photographers wanted!)

SUNDAY (9/5)

  • 11:30AM: Teen Titans – in front of Suntrust Bank (just outside the Hyatt)
  • 2:30PM: DC Universe – Hilton back steps/patio
  • 3:00PM: Justice League – Hilton back steps/patio
  • 4:30PM: Thunderbolts – Suntrust by the Reflection Pool
  • 6:00PM: Legion of Superheroes – Hilton back steps/patio
  • 9:30PM: Pin-Up Style Shoot – Hilton Conversation Nook (in lobby)

For more information, see the Facebook Group.

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