What Women Want

In What Women Want on Sunday at 11AM in Greenbriar, panelists engaged in a lively discussion of how women are portrayed in popular media.  According to Shannon K. Butcher, author of romantic suspense and paranormal romance, “femininity is one of the most powerful things in the Universe—ask any man who’s been brought to his knees by a woman.”  But are feminine wiles considered deceptive?

According to Nebula award-winning author Eugie Foster, women who embrace their power over men are fascinating.  “I think ‘wiles’ is deceptive,” Foster said.  “It’s a strong woman who takes that power.”  She pointed out that in Hollywood’s portrayal, Catwoman is powerful and yet incredibly sexy.  Butcher added that vampires’ ability to use feminine wiles—that immediate attractive quality—is what makes them so sexy.

The discussion turned to how women’s roles in film and literature have been changing over the past few decades.  Consider Kathleen Turner in Romancing the Stone, and Ophelia in Pan’s Labyrinth. Think about Alien and Terminator, proof that women can be strong, sexy, and respected.

So what do women want?  The panel unanimously agreed: chocolate…  Or David Tennant dipped in chocolate.  Seriously, though, when panelists were asked what women want in male characters, their answers might surprise many readers.  Suggestions ranged from men who are comfortable with emotions to men who embrace fatherhood.  And a man carrying a child?  Now, that’s hot.

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