Playtest League of Spies at Dragon*Con 2011

League of Spies is the first game using the new massive multiplayer alternate reality gaming engine developed by Accelerando Games for Android smartphones using the player’s location as a central controller of the game experience. And you can playtest it for free this year at Dragon*Con!

Accelerando Games will be running a demonstration of League of Spies starting Thursday night and ending Monday morning, running 84 hours straight, with a post-mortem to follow. Play as much or as little as you want.

In League of Spies, you are recruited into a secret organization that claims to defend humankind from secret societies bent on its domination or destruction. Through your Android smartphone, you will be able to perform missions, battle other spies, and communicate with spies on your team. Throughout the convention, there will be important locations that you can check-in at by scanning QR Codes, and teams will battle for control over these locations—infiltrating them and setting traps for enemies to gain an advantage over competing teams. Accompanying live action events will be announced through the game app.

The link to download the app will be made active on Thursday (9/1) from Accelerando’s website or by scanning a QR Code printed on Accelerando Games’ fliers and the shirts of some of their staff and players.

For more information, check out the League of Spies demo at Dragon*Con FAQ.

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