Terry Goodkind Party, Panel, and Events

If you’re a Terry Goodkind fan, you won’t want to miss the Goodkind Meetup! Come by the Goodkind ConSuite after the “Seeking Goodkind” panel (Sci-fi/Fantasy Lit. Track, Sat 11:30AM) to mingle with other Goodkind fans and enjoy ice cream and drinks! Sat 2PM, 223/226 (Hyatt).

And be sure to check out the other Goodkind gatherings at Dragon*Con this year:

  • Fan table with cool contests and giveaways: Fri-Mon 10AM-8PM
  • Cosplay Photo Shoot: Fri 11:30PM, 10th Floor (Marriott)
  • Costume Parade Group: Sat 10AM-11AM

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