Misha is God, Everything Else is Details

The Friday 2:30PM Supernatural panel in the Marriott Atrium Ballroom was full of guests as surprise panelists Misha Collins and Julie McNiven joined Mark Sheppard, Samantha Ferris, and Christopher Heyerdahl.

With two angels, two demons, and one hunter, the panel was lively, and they bantered easily from topic to topic, including how they got their parts, what they liked most about their characters, and the possibility that they may return. Of the five panelists, all but Misha Collins’s character, Castiel, is deceased or destroyed. More than once Misha pointed out that there were many ways for a dead character to return. Julie McNiven replied, “But I’m ash!”

Samantha Ferris did hint that Alona Tal may be returning as Jo Harvelle in the next season. Jo and her mother, Ellen Harvelle (played by Ferris), were killed in an emotional scene toward the end of Supernatural’s season five. They blew themselves up in an effort to take out several Hell hounds. Ellen returned after she was believed to be killed at the end of season two. In response to fans who seemed upset that she would not be returning along with Jo, Harris said, “I had my chance to come back from the dead. Now it’s her turn and I wished her luck and all good things.”

The panel was well-moderated, but with such chatty guests, sometimes it was difficult to get a question in. Audience members were encouraged to simply jump in as soon as someone took a breath.

Christopher Heyerdahl was asked where his character’s voice, the demon Alastair, came from. The character had been played by Mark Rolston earlier in season three, and he credited him entirely with the unique way of talking.

Toward the end of the panel, Misha Collins was asked whether with Castiel becoming God, or at least calling himself God, if art was imitating life. Collins simply answered, “Yes.”

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