New for 2012: The Video Gaming Track

This year, video games will have their very own track at Dragon*Con!

Join the Video Gaming Track for four days of panels, lectures, and discussions about the video games you love. Created by insiders from the games industry, it promises to have news about games you want, conversations on hot topics facing the industry, and real professionals working in real jobs making real games. And of course, premiers! We’ll have those too.

A tentative list of some of the folks and companies attending:

  • Epic Games, Mike Capps and Jim Brown
  • ChAIR Entertainment, Brandon Sanderson
  • GearBox, Randy Varnell, Jonathan Hemingway
  • Obsidian, Chris Avellone
  • Plus folks from Firaxis, Hi_Rez, Red Storm, Dquare Inix, Insomniac, and Volition

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