New for 2012: The Puppetry Track

Puppets have always been a part of geek culture, and Dragon*Con is proud to bring you our brand new Puppetry Track for 2012!

  • We’ll celebrate puppetry in pop culture—from the Muppets to Star Wars, from The Neverending Story to Team America World Police—as well as expose attendees to the amazing world of live puppet theater.
  • We’ll offer panels on puppeteering and puppet building, have famous puppeteer guests from TV and film, and present live puppetry performances for both children and adults featuring various forms of puppetry, including hand puppets, hand and rod puppets, tabletop puppets, shadow puppets, and marionettes.
  • We’ll have film screenings from Heather Henson’s Handmade Puppet Dreams short film series, TransylvaniaTV, and local film makers, the New Puppet Order.
  • And of course, we’ll have some great times with Dragon*Con’s very own Puppet Ambassadors, Bob and Carl The Sci-Fi Janitors, and their Late Night Puppet Slam.

The Puppetry Track is sure to give you an all-new appreciation for this incredible art form!

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