It’s All in the Strings

The Marionettes panel took place Sunday at 2:30PM in M101 (Marriott). This cheery panel consisted of three makers of puppetry, their experience and love of the art clearly evident.

Marionettes are considered to be the most technically challenging puppetry style. Learning the basics in this workshop with audience participation was a lot of fun.

There are three things one must know about operating a puppet: focus, energy, and stillness. You must keep your eye on the marionette as you directly or indirectly manipulate the stings.  The more stings a puppet has, the more complicated maneuvers can become.

The participants got to practice with an apple on a string.  This may sound mundane, but it was a lot harder to control than originally thought. It was enjoyable to watch as each apple started to take on a persona.

After a short time with the apples, participants were invited to try the puppets. Some of the marionettes had six strings, some double that amount. There was a steep learning curve, but it was great fun.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. With the basics under our belt, we’re all looking forward to becoming part of the world of the puppeteer.

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