Baen Books to Publish Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs Anthology

Mike Resnick enhanced the already visually enchanting and intellectually stimulating “Baen Travelling Slide Show and Prize Patrol!” on Sunday afternoon, 2:30PM, Regency V Hyatt, by remarking on a new, highly anticipated Baen anthology coming out October of this year. Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs, edited by Resnick and Robert T. Garcia, will feature original stories by F. Paul Wilson, Mercedes Lackey, Peter David, Kevin J. Anderson, Sarah A. Hoyt, and others.

Although “Barsoom,” the Helium name for Mars, is now claimed by Walt Disney Studios, the anthology will include a Barsoom story written by Resnick fifty years ago. According to Resnick, the story is available for reprint because its rights were held by Burroughs.

Captain John Carter of Mars and Princess Dejah Thoris (front) and John Clayton, Earl of Greystoke (back), grace the anthology’s wrap cover illustrated by Dave Seeley. The back panel is cleverly divided by the branch of a giant tree. Tarzan stands on the branch, looking toward the middle distance of the dense forest. Reminiscent of Burroughs’s The Land That Time Forgot, pterodactyls fly across a waterfall landscape framed below Tarzan.

Don Maitz’s artwork for Pirates of the Timestream, by Steve White, was another among dozens of book covers featured. Strangely familiar, the island painting on the front cover of the book focuses on Morgan’s daughter. The art recalls the picture of the infamous pirate on the Captain Morgan’s Rum label, also drawn by Maitz.

Another memorable illustration at the Dragon Con showing was Tom Kidd’s potential “dragon of mass destruction.” The dragon shifter, struggling with massive power as the new “Great Sky Dragon,” is locked in battle with a feline shifter. Kidd’s detailed cityscape covers Noah’s Boy, by Sarah A. Hoyt.

To see more covers and learn about the books they wrap, visit Baen Books.

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