Give Blood at Dragon Con, Get a Free T-shirt!

Take a little time out during Dragon Con this weekend to give blood. For LifeSouth, which serves more than 40 hospitals in the Atlanta area and more than 110 hospitals in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, Dragon Con is a major donation venue.


In 2012, the Dragon Con blood drive welcomed 2,747 donors and collected 6,868 units, assisted by a crew of more than 60 people from all three states who descended on Atlanta to handle the flood of donors in costume.

Join us, give blood, get a free T-shirt!

Room A701-A702 of the Marriott:

  • Thursday: 11AM-8PM
  • Friday-Sunday: 10AM-7PM
  • Monday: 9AM-3PM

Atlanta Ballroom of the Sheraton:

  • Thursday: 11AM-8PM
  • Friday: 10AM-7PM

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